Common upgrade questions:

Q: Do I need to pay for the upgrade?

Minor releases upgrades are always free. If your upgrade assurance is not current, there may be an upgrade cost for major upgrades. Please some take time to review the upgrade policy before proceeding.

Q: Can I jump versions? e.g. I am currently running version 12.1 and would like to upgrade to 13.2. Do I need to install 12.2, 12.3, 12.4 and so on, or can I go straight to version 13.2 skipping those in between?

PaperCut’s install-over-the-top upgrade correctly handles jumps/gaps in upgrades. In this example, you may go straight to version 13.2 skipping over the releases in between.

Q: Do I need to upgrade all clients, secondary servers, and site servers at the same time?

PaperCut remains basic backwards compatibility with older clients, release stations, and secondary servers to help minimise upgrade disruption with complex PaperCut installations. You may upgrade the primary server and client, secondary server, and release station components will continue to function in most cases. New features may not work until all components are fully upgraded, and any troubleshooting should start with ensuring that all component versions are the same. Backwards compatibility support ensures that the upgrades can be progressively rolled out over a number of days/weeks as time allows.

Site servers are an exception to the above. In most cases, you will need to upgrade your site servers to match the version of your application server. In the period between the application server upgrade and your site server upgrade, you site servers will continue to operate in offline mode.

Q: What will happen if someone tries to print while the upgrade is in process?

The PaperCut Print Provider service will be stopped during the installation, but the print spooler service will continue to process print jobs allowing printing to continue without PaperCut control. The Print Provider service will be restarted automatically at the end of the upgrade. We recommend that you perform the upgrade during a period of minimal print activity on the network.