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Document management software and workflow automation

What Is DocuWare?

Business happens everywhere: in the office, on the road, in your home. DocuWare digitizes and secures your information to flow effortlessly between your decision makers — anywhere, any device, any time.

DocuWare provides cloud document management solutions and workflow automation software that enables you to digitize, secure and work with business documents, then optimize the processes that power the core of your business.

By removing wasted time and uncertainty from your processes, your team is free to focus on the work that drives productivity and profit. DocuWare is perfect for distributed and remote teams that need to operate at full productivity.

Manage what matters in DocuWare, the smartest home for your documents

The Smartest Home  For Your Documents

Document management solutions and workflow automation for:

Invoice Processing

From first touch to payment, remove the manual steps in dealing with invoices.

Human Resources

Digitize and centralize every employee’s records.

Sales & Marketing

Share, edit and archive contracts, proposals and sales collateral.

Secure Document Archiving

Keep critical business information securely archived and accessible.


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