Print As A Service

Print As A Service (PaaS) to a subscription based way to accquire print. Just select the device you need from four models, either Black & White or Colour & Printer only or All in One device. All models come complete with WiFi as standard as well to make it as easy as possible to get you up and printing and scanning.

Subscribe online and pay a fixed monthly amount which includes the printer or multi-function device and all cartridges and supplies you will ever need.

Save Up To 40%

Save up to 40% compared to buying separately

Fixed Monthly Price

Fixed monthly price subscription

Everything You Need

Includes printer and all cartridges needed

Total Peace Of Mind Guarantee

Total peace of mind with our complete warranty and maintenance included

No Cancellation Penalties

No penalty cancellation option

No Finance Agreement

No credit check or finance

Sign Up Online Instantly

Immediate online sign-up

No Delivery Charges

Fast free delivery

Saving you money

Print As A Service is the best way to save money and time on office printing. Simply subscribe online and pay a fixed monthly subscription which includes the printer or multi-function device and all cartridges and supplies you will ever need. The fixed monthly subscription also includes full warranty and maintenance meaning you have total peace of mind. Expect savings of up to 40% compared to buying the printer outright and then paying for cartridges and other consumables when they suddenly run out or become needed.

Always be able to print

As part of the subscription we monitor the cartridge levels and health of the printer and this means that everything is automated. Cartridges will be sent automatically before you run out and our engineers are constantly monitoring all of the printers in our subscription programme to ensure that stay up and running. Signing up to the subscription could not be easier! There is no finance or lease agreement and you can subscribe online in less than two minutes.

Mono Laser Printer

Brother HL-L5200DW

1,000 Pages per Month: £24.99+VAT
2,500 Pages per Month: £41.99+VAT
5,000 Pages per Month: £79.99+VAT

Mono Laser MFP

Brother MFC-L5750DW

1,000 Pages per Month: £29.99+VAT
2,500 Pages per Month: £49.99+VAT
5,000 Pages per Month: £89.99+VAT

Colour Laser Printer

Brother HL-L9310CDW

1,000 Pages per Month: £48.99+VAT
2,500 Pages per Month: £99.99+VAT
5,000 Pages per Month: £189.99+VAT

Colour Laser MFP

Brother MFC-L9570CDW

1,000 Pages per Month: £69.99+VAT
2,500 Pages per Month: £109.99+VAT
5,000 Pages per Month: £199.99+VAT


Do I need to pass a credit check?

No, this is a subscription service and no finance or credit agreement is required

What is included in the fixed price subscription?

The subscription includes the printer or MFP, all of the cartridges you will need, any other consumables (which can be expensive if required) and full warranty and service support.

How long is the subscription period?

36 months

What happens if the I print more pages?

If you print more pages or print pages with denser coverage than the manufacturers yield guidelines you will go through more cartridges and those additional cartridges will be sent automatically when they are required. The subscription agreement sets out how many cartridges are included in the monthly price and if additional cartridges are sent they will be charged at a pre-agreed price, which is also set out in the agreement.

What happens if I print less pages?

Reviewing at the end of each 12 month period, if you are printing slightly less pages but the same amount of consumables are sent to you the subscription price will not be adjusted. If you print significantly less pages which results in the volume of consumables sent being equal or lower than those of a lower page pack we can down-grade your subscription a level.

What happens if the Printer develops a fault?

In your welcome pack you will receive a sticker to place on the printer. This sticker has the telephone helpline and web contact details to let us know about any problems with the printer. In the unlikely event of a problem just contact us and we will sort it out. Full warranty and maintenance is included in the monthly subscription.

What happens at the end of the Subscription period?

There are three choices. You may return the printer to us, you may purchase it for a small cost or you may keep the printer and roll into a new three year subscription.

Are there any delivery charges?

No, all delivery charges are included in the fixed price monthly subscription.

Is there anything else that I might have to pay for in addition to the monthly Subscription cost?

No, everything is included. The only additional costs would be for extra cartridges if you print more pages or print pages with greater coverage than the manufacturers guidelines.

How quickly will I receive the Printer after signing up?

The printer and welcome pack are usually delivered within 7 days and quite often within 48 hours.

What is a Dealer Reference Number or DRN?

Each reseller, retailer or dealer who we have approved to introduce Printada! has been allocated a Dealer Reference Number or DRN. If you have been introduced to the Printada! subscription offer by a dealer be sure to add their DRN to your agreement when you complete it. If you do not know the DRN or have not found us through an introduction from a dealer we will update your agreement with our default DRN, so don’t worry!

Can I cancel the subscription?

Yes, you may cancel the subscription by giving three months notice in writing after the first 12 payments have been made.


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