Forest positive printing

What is Forest Positive Printing?

We plant 10 trees on day 1 for every device we supply in your organisations name. That’s enough for 160,000 prints! So you can print guilt free knowing that you have already replaced the paper you use with our environmental commitment.

We plant these trees in partnership with our reforestation partner OneTreePlanted

Upon ordering your equipment you will receive an email from us with all the details of the trees recieved and you simply select which reforestation projects you would like to support. 

If you want to go even further, our Papercut Grows software will help you monitor your Forest Positive status, and market your sustainability story to the world. With a full suite of marketing tools included this allows you to shout about the great work you are doing for the environment.

PaperCut Grows is a sustainability program that transforms your essential documents into Forest Positive printing. Available with the flagship solutions PaperCut MF and PaperCut Hive, this easy-to-use in-product tool converts your documents printed into trees planted.

The benefits Of Planting Trees For Our Planet

Forest Positive

Reducing print waste isn’t enough anymore. Turn your printing’s impact around from a negative environmental footprint to a positive force for ecological renewal by becoming Forest Positive.


20% of current greenhouse gases are due to tropical forest destruction

Print Footprint

30% of trees cut down are used for paper processing, essential business printing needs to do more than minimize paper waste

Climate Change

One mature tree absorbs more than 48 pounds of carbon dioxide each year, that’s enough oxygen to keep a human breathing for 2 years!

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How it works

PaperCut Grows is a sustainability program that transforms your essential documents into Forest Positive printing.

You simply join as part of your license with PaperCut MF or PaperCut Hive. The average tree can produce 8333 pages but we based this on 8000 pages so your replacing more than you use to help restore the environment for future generations.

The program dashboard displays your Forest Positive status, including your printing and tree planting volumes. The in-product complete Marketing Toolkit then equips your business with a variety of assets to share your sustainability story via website components, social media posts, and other creative content.


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We plant 10 trees for every device supplied in your organisations name. That’s enough for 160’000 prints!

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