Papercut V17.4 Integrated Scanning makes its way onto Ricoh SOP (SmartSDK) devices
This new release sees Papercut V17.4 continue to achieve feature parity across all vendors with the inclusion of Integrated Scanning on Ricoh’s SOP (SmartSDK) platform. It also includes a number of enhancements for HP, Konica Minolta, Lexmark, Ricoh to improve the user experience at the device. Coupled with this release are some important customer driven enhancements for Mobility Print, which now supports environments running Linux or macOS servers.      
Release overview
  • Vendor Neutrality – Achieving Parity 

    • Integrated Scanning on Ricoh SOP (SmartSDK) devices
  • Device Capability – At device experience

    • Flexible login experience on Konica Minolta MFDs
  • Staying Relevant – Competitive parity 

    • Easier licensing options for HP FutureSmart 4 single function printers
  • Staying Relevant – Customer-driven requests 

    • Mobility Print support for Linux and macOS
    • DNS Setup experience improvements for Mobility Print
  • Staying Relevant – Geographical Markets

    • Mobility Print language support
    • Basque translation now available for User Web Interface and Ricoh
General release is due 2 weeks for this post date.