Multiverse is a new cloud platform that allows remote support and management of all PaperCut customers via a web browser interface. And PaperCut is excited to announce, it is officially out of beta!

How does it fit in the PaperCut portfolio?
PaperCut Multiverse works with:
  • PaperCut MF and NG
  • Visibility and remote management for PaperCut Hive coming soon
  • All hosting environments
  • Older versions of MF too!
So what is PaperCut Multiverse? Multiverse gives one view of all customers – allowing remote connections whilst providing better support for customers. It also offers ROI opportunities as it advises valuable insights on customer activities. Improve support ROI Take advantage of zero-hassle remote support to improve team productivity and reduce the need for customer site visits. Remote control Set up secure remote connections without the need to worry about complex VPN or firewall considerations. It also provides remote management of PaperCut and MFD admin pages when action is needed. Multiverse allows you to grow and scale your IT services by helping you to proactively assist your customers with the remote monitoring and management tools. Less surprises and more stability Take advantage of remote health status monitoring and keep an eye on stability. Delight customers as uptime is maximised whilst adding value based on tailored insights available via Multiverse. Streamlined license management Get visibility of customer licenses and set expiry reminders to streamline account management. Syncing licences coming soon! Add value with customer insights Utilise insights about environments, versions and product usage to identify opportunities to add customer value. Contact your channel manager to join PaperCut’s Multiverse today! For more information on Multiverse feature updates, please visit PaperCut’s product update page