Ricoh IM C530F

  • Work faster: Seamlessly print up to 53 pages per minute, cut waiting times and boost productivity.
  • Optimize digital workflows: Share and instantly use all types of information, thanks to the MFP cloud connection.
  • Scale up at your own pace: Easily customize, manage and add new features to your device, using the new 7” touchscreen control
  • Save space: IM C530FB and IM C530F are compact devices designed to take up less space and leave more room for your pressing
  • Seamlessly print documents: Print up to 3,250 sheets without interruption and make light work of printing tasks.
    Save time: With IM C530F you work more efficiently by automating manual tasks, such as separating or stapling files together,
    thanks to the standard finishing function.
  • Intuitive and fast operation: The 7” smart operation panel provides consistent operability across multiple devices in our portfolio.
    Simply follow the steps on screen.

Full Description

Want your team to work faster without compromising on quality? You don’t need to create yet another ‘time management’ training course. There’s a much smarter way to boost productivity in the 2020s. Introducing the IM C530FB and IM C530F — the high-speed, compact, all-in-one line of devices that do all of the heavy ‘lifting’ for you, as quick as a flash. This means your team can focus on the
areas and tasks that enable them to get their work done…instead of having to wait for that 87-page report to get printed without a paper jam…

The Ricoh IM C530F comes complete with an internal finisher.

All of our devices are backed by our manufacturer trained engineers and technical support personal. Our Managed Print Services not only support your chosen device but also your document workflow and processes. We monitor all of our devices live in real time for immediate response and reporting for service conditions, supply usage and replenishment orders. We specialise in not just providing a print device for your business but a solution for your total document requirements.