Yealink WPP30 Wireless Presentation Pod

One-Click Presenting
Intuitive Remote Control
Bluetooth 5.0
4-screen Casting
Plus and Play

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Introducing the Yealink WPP30 Wireless Presentation Pod – Unlock Your Content Sharing Potential

The Yealink WPP30 Wireless Presentation Pod is a cutting-edge wireless presentation pod that takes your content sharing and collaboration to the next level. Featuring 4K Ultra HD resolution and a seamless plug-and-play experience, the WPP30 eliminates the hassle of software or driver installation, saving you time and effort.

Enhanced Connectivity Options

Equipped with a USB Type-A and a full-featured USB Type-C port, the WPP30 is compatible with a wide range of computers and mobile phones, making it incredibly versatile. Simply plug the WPP30 into your device, and you’re ready to present, thanks to its embedded meeting assistant software and Wi-Fi 6 chip.

Convenient and Rich Content Sharing

With the Yealink self-built Wi-Fi network, there’s no need for routers or additional network configuration. This ensures a smooth and easy sharing experience, minimizing dependence on your business network. The WPP30 prioritizes security with AES encryption and WPA high-security data encryption technology, preventing accidental leakage or tampering of your shared content.

Immersive 4K HD Presentations with Low Latency

Experience immediate response and flawless presenting with the WPP30’s high-performance 2×2 MIMO Wi-Fi 6 module. Supporting a dual-band wireless network (2.4GHz/5GHz) and ultra HD presentation at up to 4K/30fps, the WPP30 delivers stunning visuals and perfect anti-interference capability.

Seamless Plug-and-Play Functionality

The WPP30 is designed for devices that support free collaboration and feature a full-featured USB Type-C port. With its built-in hardware encoding chip solution, there’s no need for software or driver installation, saving valuable CPU resources. Simply connect the WPP30, and you’re ready to present.

Efficient Team Collaboration and Rich Interaction

Empower your team with up to four content streams presented simultaneously on the main screen. The WPP30 supports annotations, whiteboards, and reverse control, allowing participants to provide feedback and collaborate seamlessly. With its compatibility with touchscreen televisions, you can easily control your computer or laptop with a simple click or drag on your interactive television.

The Yealink WPP30 Wireless Presentation Pod is here to revolutionize your content sharing experience. With its advanced features, seamless connectivity, and emphasis on security, it’s the perfect solution for businesses of all sizes. Get ready to unlock your growth potential today.

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