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The office technology company, Datasharp is the South’s go-to copier, printer, office equipment & visual solutions provider. We provide, support & maintain photocopiers & office printers from leading manufacturers.

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Advanced Multi-Functions

Providing an independent choice across the market leaders Ricoh, Sharp, Konica Minolta, Canon and Lexmark we can offer you the most suitable device for your needs. We are an independent provider offering bespoke solutions for your requirements.

Industry expertise:

With specialist in providing Managed Print Services (MPS) for the Commercial, Education, Legal & Healthcare sectors. We can offer expert impartial advice & recommendations to reduce or eliminate the cost of print.


Managed Print Services
Protect your investment in printers, lower your operating costs and address security requirements.

Device, Data and Document Security
Help protect personal, confidential, classified and sensitive information in all stages of use, in readiness for GDPR compliance.

Information Digitisation Solution
Decrease your use of hardcopy documents, and make your information searchable, usable and shareable.



Improve the education experience for everyone involved.
Unique Schools SLA’s, totally ethical and transparent. None onerous.
If you are not happy with us then you are free to leave with no penalty at all!
Trade prices that mean trade prices!
We only charge for per page usage which includes everything (Support, training, installation, IT monitoring systems)
Uniform pence per whole page costs. No tiered or development counting! Everything including in per page costs
4 Hour response – If we fail to make this target WE will pay you a penalty. 1000 print credits for every hour late!
Fixed term only leasing – after agreed term you can keep your device rent free – No additional charge!

We believe our children’s education is more valuable than profit!

We are also in the process of creating a trust fund to enabled under privileged children to attend Independent Schools, this trust will be funded by a denotation from us of 3% of the total we invoice schools. We shall announce this to all once the legal work has been completed on this project.

But in addition to all the unique Datasharp only points above, what we provide is:
Proven tools and technology to help you streamline costs, workflows, digitise and organise student records, and attract prospective students.
Help students and teachers print, scan and share information quickly.
Engage tech-savvy students with anytime printing, cloud, and more.
Create interactive learning and utilise innovative technologies.


Embrace the Future Through Innovation and Agility
Discover solutions for all of your legal needs. See how your firm can improve workflows, adhere to court filing mandates, help keep client information confidential and more.
Transform the way you operate and innovate at your law firm. Discover solutions to improve productivity, create transparency, gain control over your information workflows and more.


Put your data to work with smart information management.
Don’t fall behind in the ever-expanding field of healthcare. Let us help your organisation streamline workflows, secure information and improve patient care.
Streamline workflows for improved productivity, accuracy and more.
Support your strategy, legal, risk and environmental requirements.

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Printing has evolved…
new “Print as a Service”

Datasharp have been a provider of Managed Print Services for over 30 years and in that time have been at the forefront of the evolving marketplace. We are not breaking with that tradition now.

We are proud to announce the launch of the world’s first “Print as a Service” on laser print devices.

This unique service works by providing a free advanced colour laser print device on subscription which includes a monthly allowance for print. This also covers all toners, consumables, parts and onsite service & support call outs. And all for lower costs than you are currently being charged for your existing A4 colour printers.

Printing has evolved…
new “Print as a Service” subscription based printing.

Receive a free colour laser print device including an allowance for print. Includes all toners, parts & service.

It takes 0.62 seconds for you to search “Datasharp Independent” on Google

It takes an average of 3.8 seconds for you to dial a number and for that phone call to connect

It takes about 30 seconds for you to know that you have come to the right managed print technology partner.

  • Customer satisfaction ratings achieved through continued monitoring
  • SLA’s & KPI target times achieved for our leading service.


Support Satisfaction


Average print cost savings

Proud to be different

We constantly monitor the services to our clients and believe that our service should speak for itself…Simple

  • We do not tie you into long onerous contracts…Simple
  • All finance agreements are fixed term, no notice required…Simple
  • We only provide straightforward meter billing (Cost per page)…Simple
  • All service agreements are without penalty clauses…Simple
  • We only use genuine supplies and parts…Simple
  • National 4 hour service…Simple
  • Free Installation & Training…Simple
  • Dedicated account manager…Simple
  • Free remote device monitoring and diagnostics software…Simple

Visual Solutions

If you require the latest fully interactive smarts boards for collaborative working, a reception video wall or just smart centrally managed screens, we can assist you to transform your office into a modern working business.

Cost savings were apparent from day one

“We have now been a happy client of Datasharp for some years. They always provide the right solution for our growing business and helped saved upwards of 40% from our previous print provider”

– Robert Cross, Hydro Water Systems

Love Follow Me Print

“I spent weeks searching for the right provider for our office print supplier, we decided on Datasharp due to their knowledge and guidance on a secure print release system. They enabled a secure and mobile print system across the business in multiple locations helping in many pain areas. Don’t know how we manged before we had this”

– Claire Hanks. Valley Solicitors

Room Booking

From simple totally wireless room booking systems to advanced room, space and hot-desk management solutions.

Wireless Room Booking
Advanced Room Booking Panels
Cloud & on premise management softwares

FREE Print Audits

A shocking 90% of companies don’t know what is being printing or how many printers they have. One of the main costs for printing is the uncontrolled ordering of toners and consumables. We can offer a free print audit to get the true costs of what your current print strategy costs your company.


Once the audit has been completed we can offer recommendations in your print strategy and workflow to reduce the cost of print across the organisation. All of the companies we have dealt with have saved money on the print output.. and we mean all! As print technologies improve so have the costs and associated software provide even further saving and compliance with regulations and the upcoming GDPR rules.

The Print Audit Process

Software is installed to monitor your current print devices and usage. This can be configured to report on a per device or user basis.


After a giving period of time monitoring usage, reports can be generated with various levels of detail. This information can be used to assess the required print volumes and devices in locations.

Design & Implementation

We will design your managed document strategy based on the detailed information on device usage gathered. After which we can fully implement the hardware and software’s and train all users on the added benefits this brings.

Post Audit to prove your savings

We will also perform further audits throughout the term of ownership to prove the savings you are receiving. This will show the savings over the period since installation and what you will save on your bottom line going forward.

Contact Us

If you would like Datasharp to evaluate your current output strategy we can complete this in varying levels of detail. We can generate very detailed reports breaking the print job information down to the user.

Contact us for our free print audit or any other information on managed print and document services please contact us.

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