Simple. Flexible. Frictionless.


Joan is the simplest solution for managing meeting rooms, optimising your conference room use, and displaying relevant information where you need it the most.

Joan helps you reserve and manage your conference rooms. It prevents double bookings, confusion and meeting interruptions. Place Joan next next to a room to book it remotely or on-the-spot and receive weekly reports on your conference room usage. Our most popular model is the first step towards a more productive workplace

Seamlessly connects to Wi-Fi.

Supports standard company calendars.

Cordless installation on any surface with a Magnetic Mount.

99% more power efficient than LCD and a battery life measured in months.

Real-time booking

See if a room is booked or free, check upcoming meetings, book on the spot or reserve a later time slot. Available with all subscription plans.


Book a coworking space upfront from your calendar or on the spot. Available with the Standard and Premium plan.

Custom Content

Share custom images and text at a specific time or interfal to feature everything from wayfinding information to birthday wishes. Available with the Premium plan.

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