Evoko Room Manager

Get to know the meeting intelligence of Evoko Room Manager

It’s only a fingertip away. The Evoko Room Manager is the beautiful, touch-screen solution for all your meeting rooms. Make sure they’re being used in a truly effective way.  Forget about double bookings, confusion and interrupted meetings. Book conference rooms easily and have all the information presented on the screen. Now you’ll get full insight into your organisation’s meeting patterns to optimise resources. Use the statistics function to get decision-making support that truly cuts costs. If you have rooms for improvement- get in touch with the Evoko Room Manager.


Clarity is key

A meeting should be well planned, yet relaxed. See at a glance whether or not the room is vacant by the red and green backlight. Get information about the room and manage your meetings with ease directly on the screen.
Do you want to have a spontaneous gathering or extend the meeting? No problem. If the room is occupied, the screen will refer you to another free room.
Any non-functioning equipment? Simply report it on the screen.
These are just a few aspects of clarity which Evoko Room Manager brings. It will truly open your eyes thanks to the full insight it gives into your organisation’s meeting patterns. 
With Evoko Room Manager, conference room booking couldn’t be easier, no training needed.


So easy to handle- simple but smart

It doesn’t matter where you are. Book, cancel or extend a meeting directly on your computer, smart-phone or tablet with your normal calendar. If the room is busy, Evoko Room Manager will tell you where the nearest available room is.
The units synchronise with MS Exchange, Office 365 or Google Apps for Business to always show the latest information. Everything is just the same as it has always been: only much smarter. 


Your existing network’s best friend

Setting up the Evoko Room Manager is as easy as adding a new employee to the network. A patented pending solution intergrates with the existing email server. No extra software or calendar plug-ins. No license fees, subscription or hidden costs. Power over Ethernet enables a near, single-cable installation and the units are managed through the Evoko Control Panel. A secure and stable solution with minimal infringement on your IT infastructure. As easy to install and manage as it is to use. 


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