Evoko Pusco

Plug in

Evoko Pusco is a complete, all-in-one system made to improve public space communication. All aspects of public space communication have been merged into one simple and smart solution- Evoko Pusco. All you have to do is plug in two cables then you are instantly good to go. 



With our pre-made templates designed for you, you can easily create the impact you are after- simply select the applications that are right for your company. Create and schedule a playlist for each Evoko Pusco, or groupe them together. Ultimately, it’s all very easy and guaranteed to look good, every time. 



Reach Out

Make customers feel welcome in the reception, drive employee engagement through project updates and dashboards. In addition, you can share your company values, twitter feed, latest news or provide an overview of meeting room status. You will significantly increase customer satisfaction, employee motivation and efficiency with the Evoko Pusco.


Easy to manage & set up

This is a whole new approach to how a “content management system” or “publishing system” should work. Forget complicated settings and having to spend time on configuration. Managing your Evoko Pusco is beautifully simple and as a result of our templates, different people can update the content that only they are responsible for.
You can personalise Evoko Pusco and make it fit your brand. For example, choose between a light and dark theme, set the background image and accent colour to match your company colour.  Evoko Pusco includes a built-in speakers for playback sounds and to highlight and emphasise updated content. 


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