Hosted Voice

All the benefits of the latest technology without the big upfront investment. Hosted Voice is a scalable and flexible
way to manage your communications more effectively. It brings together voice, instant messaging, web conferencing
and team collaboration. It provides the same reliable functionality of a traditional PBX, with advanced features that will allow you to communicate on a whole new level.

Hosted Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a cloud based telephone system which sends communication over the internet. Powered by the #1 market leader, Mitel, Hosted Voice allows businesses to easily communicate and collaborate, it’s easy to set up and there’s little to no maintenance required.

Why choose Hosted Voice?

Traditional telephone lines – also known as ISDN lines – have been in use by businesses since the late 1980s. By 2025, these traditional lines will no longer exist after BT switches off all ISDN circuits in the UK. By switching to Hosted Voice today, you’ve chosen the perfect time.

Reduce your outgoing costs by up to 35% when switching to our Hosted Voice system and benefit from boosted productivity rates with mobility packages, which includes presence software so you always know where your employees are.

Features and Benefits

Voicemail to Email
Retrieve voicemails without dialling
into the system


Twin Ring
Receive calls on all your devices at
the same time


Automatic updates
Protects you against toll fraud by
updating automatically


Quick User Setup
Users can be added in minutes and easily added with
the scale on demand function

Call Recording
Instantly record any call at the
touch of a button


Music on Hold
Upload music to entertain your customers
while they wait


Disaster Recovery
Environments can easily reroute calls
should an outage occur


Meant for Mobility
Mobility presence, twinning and instant messaging
for better team communication

Stability and Reliability

Experience a stable UK network with Hosted Voice, which offers 99.995% reliability, and receive a dedicated instance environment, eliminating human error and engineer callout times, allowing your business lines to remain constant with no downtime. It’s greater flexibility and control for a fraction of the cost.

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