Greener Office & Recycling

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The below manufacturers toner recycling schemes are operated. Please select the toner which you wish to recycle.

Ways to help you run a greener business:

Make your business less wasteful and reduce energy with the help of a few simple tips. You can help the environment and save your company money.

1. Minimise Energy Usage

All of the devices we provide offer clever energy saving modes. This will put the device into sleep mode after a determined amount of time. However, with very quick wake up times, your users will see no delay in the device being ready. Our devices will also enter in a deep sleep (ECO) mode over night, saving company energy use further. All of our machines are Energy Star compliant.

2. Recycling schemes

These are operated by the manufacturers which take back the old empty toner cartridges for recycling.

In addition to this, we ethically dispose and recycle all of our devices at the end of their life. This is all in line with the WEEE certifications for electrical equipment. We also ensure that all company data is formatted and erased from the device before disposal.

3. Reduce paper usage

With our intelligent solutions, we can reduce the amount of waste print created by the business. We can implement rule and routing to ensure that the print is sent to the most cost effective device. Alternatively, it can be held until the user wishes the job to be released.

We can also implement simple user notifications to allow them to see the true cost of their print before they send it and offer alternatives to distributing their document.

4. Workflow and Document management

With our workflow solutions we can streamline your paper processes. This will allow your staff to work more efficiently and productively in regards to business processes and approvals.

In addition to this, all documents can be stored electronically for fast and efficient retrieval and distribution in seconds. Save yourself huge amount of wasted time searching for paper documents and reproducing for distribution.

5. Mobile and cloud access

With our EDM (Document Management) solutions, your users can retrieve and view documents required while out and about. This enables your staff to work in real-time with the information they need.