Device Installations

Datasharp understands that technology forms the core of your business operation, we strive to ensure that the installation and training associated with your new technology is to the highest standard and as efficient as possible.

From the outset, you will be assigned an Account Manager who is your point of contact for the duration of your contract with Datasharp, starting with the installation and training process.

The installation process is bespoke and can vary from customer to customer. No two deliveries and installations will ever be the same


Once you have placed your order for new equipment with your account manager, our service admin team will process the order and it will be delivered to our warehouse. When we have all the parts required, our workshop engineers will build and configure the equipment to your exacting requirements.


Our pre-installation form will ask you everything we need with regards to the installation and staff training, so that we can fully plan for your requirements. We may conduct a site survey for particularly large or complex installations.


A convenient delivery date will be arranged to suit your calendar, and the delivery slot will be booked into our schedule by our logistics team.

We accommodate AM and PM requests as a general rule, but we can’t allocate specific times as we do not always know what issues may arise during the day’s delivery schedule or while we are on-site.

We will remove any old equipment you have in your building, providing you own the title to the equipment, or it has been on a previous contract with Datasharp. However, if it is under a lease, then you must arrange for them to be removed by your incumbent supplier.


Our friendly and experienced delivery crew and engineers will bring the equipment to your premises and set it up. They will run a series of tests to ensure that everything is working as it should. Then our network and training representatives will follow to set up the equipment on the network. At this time, they will also carry out any other specific requests you may have to training or networking.

All of our training is bespoke and end users will be trained on the functionality of the specific make and model of the machine installed. The time it takes therefore can vary greatly, depending on the equipment type, machine functions included and number of people that require training.

Device Installation Form

For device installations and relocation’s please complete the form and submit. You will receive a copy once submitted.
Please enter your unique order process (OP number) sent to you in the OP-NUMBER field provided.

Network Details Form

To aid in the installation or relocation of your device/s, please complete the form and submit. this will assist with the configuration of your device ready for install.
Please enter your unique order process (OP number) sent to you in the OP-NUMBER field provided.

Ensure you have your OP number (Unique Order Process) code as this is required to submit the forms.
This will have been sent via email from our service admin team