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Intelligent print management software helps make printing work how you want it to: Simply, securely and with maximum savings every step of the way. One click for any print job – and any printer. No worries about print servers, compatible print drivers or whether the printer is ready. Complete accountability to better control costs and security. All of which equals a reduced burden on IT and a smaller hit on corporate budgets.

Print management software enables you to control, manage and monitor your entire print environment. All to reduce costs, bolster security and improve ease-of-use.

Datasharp works with businesses to develop a comprehensive print management solutions strategy. We focus on four key areas: security/authentication, hardware fleet optimization, reducing the cost of consumables and network infrastructure.

Average market stats

Some of the market stats are very compelling. Just looking at the examples below makes the introduction of a print management solution in your business a no brainer.


of all print jobs are never picked up


of print jobs could use both sides of the sheet

Each Print server costs a

company on average £4,000

per year to operate


Your goals are our goals

Reduce the burden on IT, lower your costs and make printing more efficient. Which in turn makes for a more productive workforce- and a much happier IT staff.

Manage your print cost and volumes with intelligent solutions

The solutions we provide all offer full auditing of every print job at any time from any user. Secure Release and FollowMe printing, multiple authentication methods and integration with all network operating systems.

In addition to the standard feature above these solutions can provide a full cloud and BYOD (Bring your Own Device) print environment for your organisation.
The system can then output the print on the cheapest output device or stored with Follow Me print until the user requests the job. If the user no longer requires the print it can be simply deleted direct from the printers embedded software interface or automatically after a set period of time.

This all help with the reduction of print volume and ultimately cost!

Setup print rules to force all output to be in duplex mode (Double sided) saving paper and the environment or to print all emails and web-pages in mono only, the choice is yours. By implementing a print management system you can gain control over what is printed by who to where and when.

We can offer all of the leading print management solutions, all the below solutions can offer:

  • Print, copy, scan & Fax control
  • Secure Follow Me Print
  • Mobile & Cloud print
  • Full detailed reporting
  • Cost allocation
  • Departmental Billing

Multiple authentication methods: 

  • Biometrics
  • Proximity card
  • Swipe card
  • NFC (Smartphones) Contactless
  • Pin Codes
  • Network logon authentication

Solutions Provided:

  • PapercutNG
  • PapercutMF
  • Equitrac Office
  • Equitrac Express
  • Uniflow
  • Streamline NX

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