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Datasharp have been providers of all the leading scan solutions for over 10 years & implement these solutions to expand the devices functionality for filing / distributing documents & storage.

Solutions we offer from the following providers.

  • Equitrac (Scan To  Me)

  • Equitrac (Capture & Send)

  • Ecopy

  • Globalscan NX

  • NSi Autostore

  • Document Navigator

  • PaperCut MF 

  • Streamline NX

Convert scan to Word Documents using OCR technology

Scan a document and receive a editable Microsoft Word / Excel document in your mailbox or file location. This is becoming more and more popular in offices as it gives the user an easy way to copy or edit text from hard copy formats.

Scan direct to back office systems

All of our solutions support scanning direct to back office system and offer full workflow automation and can encompass approval  processes & business process streamlining.

Example of solutons scalability to fit any business enviroment and budget

Speak to our experts for a no obligation quote. Turn around time of 20 minutes.

Standard & Advanced Device Scanning

All of our devices have the capability to scan documents to email or network file locations as standard.

These can be saved in .pdf, .tiff and .jpeg file formats.

You can batch scan multiple pages to a multi page pdf file for distrbution and storage.

In addition to the standard embedded scanning we offer advanced scan soutions which enable the ability to scan to other locations and software systems. Our advanced scan solutions can scan direct into Microsoft Sharepoint,SAP, Sage, Laserfiche, Back end office systems and Electronic Document Management systems. There are over 100+ connectors available for almost all of the applications used in business today.

In addition to this scanned documents can automtically be converted into Microsoft files. Word (.doc & .docx) and excel files (.xls &.xlsx)

With the inclusion of workflow and process automation we can streamline your business practices & current slow paper processes.