Ricoh IMC3010A Multifunctional Printer Copier Scanner

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30 pages per minute
SRA3 Max
Minimal carbon footprint
Operates with cloud devices

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Digital Full-Colour MFP’s

As workstyles evolve, digitalisation, agility and teamwork are essential for your organisation to remain competitive. Ricoh’s Managed Print & Automation Services unlock the value of your print infrastructure with tailored, managed solutions which empower your people, improve efficiency, reduce cost, enhance security and drive sustainability. Our market-leading IM C Series is innovatively designed. Devices
seamlessly integrate with cloud-based services and offer high-quality print, scanning and workflow automation.

Models: IM C 2010(A), IM C 2510, IM C 3010(A), IM C 3510(A), IM C 4510(A), IM C 5510A, IM C 6010

Achieve your sustainability goals


With environmental impact at the top of the global agenda, a sustainable approach
to organisational operations is essential. Whether reducing resource and energy
consumption to save costs or demonstrating a responsible approach to procuring
products and services, the right print infrastructure and partner can support your
sustainability goals.

A carbon neutral future

At Ricoh, we are firmly committed to reducing our environmental impact and driving a sustainable approach. The IM C Series significantly reduces energy consumption, as well as paper consumption by digitising workflows through scanning; helping to reduce your carbon footprint and costs.

More energy savings

The IM C Series boasts industry-leading low Typical Energy Consumption (TEC) values and automatic eco-mode energy saving (0.3W) when in sleep mode. They use an innovative new toner that fuses at a lower temperature, resulting in the ideal intelligent device with sustainability at its core.

More recycled plastic

Designed for sustainability across its lifecycle, the IM C Series is made using 50% post-consumer recycled plastic while PET toner bottles are produced from 100% recycled plastic. Plastic packaging is reduced by 54% thanks to a more sustainable material and no excess packaging.

Secure & Efficient


In an increasingly digital world, organisations must protect sensitive data while
enabling flexible workstyles. Our printers are designed and manufactured with end to-end security protection and includes the latest security features – RICOH Always Current Technology and Multi-Factor Authentication. Secure cloud infrastructure ensures safe access – anywhere and any device.

Ongoing Security

RICOH’s Always Current Technology provides access to security upgrades and automatically downloads updates. New security tools include WPA3 authentication for wireless encryption and the latest hardware security module. You can also restrict networks by port name and protocol as well as IP address.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication, including new card-based access to our printing devices, to minimise the risk of data breaches.

Improved admin management system

The IM C Series offers privileged admin account control with unlimited Multi-Function Printer administrator accounts and customisable permissions. This eliminates risks related to sharing IDs and can be linked to user ID systems including Microsoft Windows and LDAP platforms.

Enhanced productivity and seamless employee experience


Ricoh’s intelligent devices enable the ultimate employee experience with features
that save time and increase efficiency. The IM C Series automates workflows that
accelerate processes and encourage collaboration. An optimised print infrastructure
empowers employees to transition to digital ways of working easily and securely;
improving their workplace experience.

Third-generation Smart Operation Panel

Our user-friendly IM C Smart Operation Panel has been upgraded for an even more intuitive and enjoyable experience. Brightness, touch sensitivity and position detection have been improved for optimal access to the device’s many resources and functions.

Improved user experience
  • Android OS 10 for better security and usability
  • Faster CPU, high RAM memory and enhanced performance
  • Enhanced accessibility to device, tiltable for better visibility & new
    capacitive touch sensor
  • Fast wake up time from sleep mode
Efficiencies in paper handling

New peripherals ensure professional results with automated finishing possibilities. The single pass double-sided document feeder capably handles high volumes, special paper and card types. High-end options include a hybrid and booklet finisher for
that extra touch.

Supporting your entire digital journey now
and into the future


We understand the digital transformation that organisations are undertaking. We are here to set your organisation up for success and equip your people with the right tools to stay ahead. Our Managed Print & Automation Services can adapt to your changing needs, offering customisation, flexibility and reliability.

Scanning & Automation

Scanning and automation just got easier and quicker. Scanning creates digitised documents that can automate processes like invoice and contract management. Uploading documents into your systems for archiving, knowledge sharing or as part of a workflow is now simpler with Ricoh’s software.


Document management storage

Our scalable document management applications drive significant cost savings alongside process improvements. By taking print to the cloud, you can set location-aware printers and enable users to print anytime, anywhere.

Transitioning to the cloud

Our cloud software solutions are readily available and easy to integrate with your existing IT infrastructure, allowing you to enhance the capabilities of your print device. You can also securely connect mobile devices to carry out tasks from your phone or tablet.


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