Data Overwrite Security System


Whenever pages are printed or copied, your multifunctional device stores the latent image data as temporary data on the system’s hard disk drive. Ricoh’s Data Overwrite Security Unit erases the temporary data on the hard disk drive. By overwriting the information with random data twice and null data once, it offers an unprecedented level of security. All confidential data is unrecoverable. Especially when your company often handles mission crucial information, overlooking the data retained on your multi-functional device can lead to security breaches and information leaks.


Ricoh’s Data Overwrite Secutity Unit allows you to benefit from all the functionalities of your equipment, eliminating the security threat without interrupting your normal workflow. A simple display panel icon provides visual feedback regarding the overwrite process. You can rest assured there are no loopholes in your systems security.

You don’t need to do anything as we automatically enable this security option on all devices and contracts allowing all to be covered for the full term of service and device disposal.

The monthly fee of £4.99 will fully cover the ongoing support of this feature & secure company data removal at the end of your agreement. This enables us to keep your device compliant with the government’s GDPR regulations.

If you would to opt out of this service and opt to pay the secure data removal fee at the end of your agreement, please let us know.