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Secure Cloud Print Management

Datasharp enables companies big and small to provision and implement print in their cloud strategy.
Serverless, simple, cloud service that saves you time and money.

We can help with controlling your print by directing your cloud prints to your onsite print management solutions (PaperCut, Equitrac, SafeQ, YSoft) or by eliminating print servers entirely and moving the management of your print infrastructure to the cloud. It is fast, easy and independent.

We can integrate directly with Microsoft Intune and other MDM system for silent provisioning of clients. Once provisioned the end user interface is no different to a domain connected printer. Your users wouldn’t even know their print is being sent via the cloud.

Cloud print migration made easy

Moving your users on to another DMZ network with no access to the current domain printers, we can route their print jobs via the cloud for a seamless integration.

Have you already spent days installing and configuring Microsoft Hybrid Print only to find it is massively limited in terms of functionality and ease of administration. With our solution it can be provisioned in under a hour to all your cloud managed devices and printer retain all the functionality of a local attached device.

We can direct prints to any printer or to on-premise print management systems including; Papercut, Equitrac, Safecom, Ysoft and others for handling print device “Follow Me” release on site.

Have remote users using Citrix or RDS? No problems, we can work with thin or fat clients.
Remove the headache of site to site VPN’s with a pure cloud solution.


no cost

No print server required

No upfront cost

pay you go

No license or support fees.

Pay as you go


No lock-in contract.


Print infrastructure managed in the cloud

Discover, define and configure print queues and drivers and automatically distribute your setup.

Microsoft Integration

Fully integrate with Microsoft Azure Active Directory

Azure AD


Single sign-on and access to Cloud Print with Microsoft Azure Active Directory.



Deploy with Microsoft Intune in minutes. Print user experience no different to a local printer.


First SaaS print app approved on Microsoft AppSource.

Google Integration

Google G Suite and Chrome Printing solution

Printix with Google G Suite

Single Sign-On to Cloud Print with Google G Suite. Google Groups functionality.

Print to Printix managed printers from Chrome

Print to Cloud Print managed printers from Chrome.

Productivity extension for Chrome printing available in the Chrome Web Store

Productivity extension for Chrome printing available in the Chrome Web Store.

Print Management Integration

Print via the cloud direct into print management systems from PaperCut, Equitrac, Safecom, YSoft

Papercut MF

Integrated direct with Papercut for secure release.

equitrac 1 - Cloud Print

Integrate direct with Nuance Equitrac

y soft - Cloud Print

Integrate direct with YSoft.

Features and Benefits

Cloud Print from Datasharp allows IT administrators to manage services rather than servers
and lets users print how and when they want.

Integrate directly into your existing print management systems like PaperCut, Equitrac, Safecom, Ysoft

Authorised Cloud Print Partner

As an authorised cloud service partner and a managed print provider we provide print solutions on-premise or hosted.

Want to allow cloud print from Intune, Azure AD or G-Suite to Papercut, Equitrac or any other print system?
Or would like to just remove all your print servers?
Speak to us for full details

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Authorised Cloud & Service Partner

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