reserva room 15TPOE - RESERVA ROOM-15T-POE


£ 1,155.00


The 15.6″ Reserva Room Sign (ROOM-15T) features Power over Ethernet for quick, single cable installation and also automatically adjusts for installation in portrait or landscape orientation.Once installed the room sign is configured using a simple step by step process.Our management tools give you fine grain control over the configuration of your Reserva Room Signs. Configuration changes are made remotely and can be applied to individual screens or groups saving you time updating each screen in situ.The following interactive features can be individually enabled or disabled using Reserva Connection Manager:• Book meeting• Extend meeting• Shorten meeting• Cancel meeting• Require attendee to confirm attendance to meetingCustomisableYour meeting room signage should blend seamlessly into your working environment and branding. We allow you to add you own logo to the display and also chose your preferred background style.Range of Screen Sizes7, 10, 15 & 21″

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• 15.6″ capacitive touchscreen
• Wi-Fi and Ethernet Connectivity
• VESA compliant (100 x 100), supplied with wall bracket
• Auto rotate display
• 387 x 27.2 x 240 mm (1300g)





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