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Are you excited for the new year? We certainly are, because release 18.0 is a game changer!

Now tracking ALL of the devices!

For the first time ever, organizations can track and control printing not only from printers and MFDs but also production printers and 3D printers. With the introduction of Job Ticketing, in-house print rooms and 3D fabrication labs (FabLabs) are now connected to users in PaperCut MF. That means PaperCut MF is the only affordable solution that can track and control printing, copying, scanning, production printing, 3D printing, laser cutting and really any service offered by these facilities. Pretty cool huh!?

Something’s brewing in the Percolator!

We’re also taking scanning at the MFD to the next level. This will start with a “scan to cloud” offering. While this is not officially part of the release, we’ll be entering Percolator in parallel with the 18.0 General Availability phase. Once this functionality is released, PaperCut MF will offer a complete printing and scanning solution to cater for any document on-boarding scenario.

But wait, there’s more! 

This release also includes an all new embedded application for HP, GDPR security updates, and a heap of other fixes and enhancements.

What’s in the release?

Release Highlights 

  • Connect your print rooms and FabLabs to PaperCut MF with Job Ticketing
  • New HP MFP OXP application with an updated user interface
  • New security updates to help you stay GDPR compliant


  • HP Device Types renamed – both Setup and Ordering
    • HP (FutureSmart) => HP FutureSmart (Legacy)
    • HP (FutureSmart 4+) => HP OXP
    • HP (FutureSmart 4+) Print Only => HP OXP (Printer Only)
  • Support for compact PDFs with Konica Minolta
  • Latest InePro SCR708 RFID reader for Ricoh SmartSDK now supported
  • The ability to hide jobs from the release station if the print provider is offline
  • Selectively enable or disable the tracking of specific CUPS printers


  • Scan to Cloud Percolator release to coincide with General Availability
    • More information related to Scan to Cloud will be made available over the next few weeks
  • Various fixes and enhancements for Canon
    • Currently waiting on certification from Canon. Will be released as soon as we receive certification.

Job Ticketing sales support

Here’s a quick video

Job Ticketing

Here is a quick video about the new feature coming.